Welcome to my site and my universe! You will discover here my passion for this magnificent instrument named the Handpan.

My name is Sébastien Petitpierre and I’m passionate about music. I have gone through several musical phases in my life, starting with piano and 4 years later, guitar, joining my first music group at a very young age. I discovered this instrument by chance in my life during a concert that we gave with my band and since then, I have never been separated from it. After acquiring my first Handpan, I quickly began to compose my first music, gave my first concerts and gave lessons around Switzerland. These first years to perfect myself allowed me in 2020 to record my first album called “Fundamental”. An album that would not have been possible without the help of my participative campaign and the huge support I received from all over the world.

I wish you a good visit!

Thank you

Sébastien LittleStone